TTRacing Maxx Gaming Chair - Dr Strange Edition

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Conjured For Extravagant Comfort

The Maxx Doctor Strange Edition combines the extravagant comfort of the Maxx gaming chair with a new spell-binding design based on the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Dressed in a combination of faux leather and velour fabric, the chair boasts long hours of high-end comfort for those who won’t settle for less. The upholstery also minimizes heat-trap and dissipates heat at a faster rate so you can fight the most dangerous foes of the mystic realm in any weather. It is the perfect chair for sorcerers of any level.

Mystical New Design

Based on Doctor Strange’s sorcerer robes from the Marvel comics, the Maxx Doctor Strange Edition’s new design allows you to become the ultimate master of the mystic arts. The front part is dressed in Doctor Strange’s blue robes and features the powerful Eye of Agamotto while the back part is based on his Cloak of Levitation which helps Doctor Strange to fly.

155-Degree Full Recline And Multi-Tilt Mechanism

The 155-degree full recline and multi-tilt mechanism that allows you to find the right angles that improves your focus so you can continue battling the malevolent forces. With this feature, you will never falter, even after a long time.

The Art Of Perfect Craftsmanship

Advanced craftsmanship spells have created a mystical chair with a comfort that defies all logic. Traditionally, foam is applied to the chair frame before it is dressed with the upholstery. While this process is simpler, it creates trivial creases and uneven surfaces which can affect your comfort experience. At TTRacing, compromising on quality is not an option. We combined our top-quality cold cure foam with our premium faux leather and velour fabric before applying them to the chair frame. This process results in impeccable fit between frame, foam and upholstery and eliminates trivial creases. Bonded faux leather is also more practical (as compared to hot real leather chairs) and provides the best value for quality.

4D-Adjustable Armrests

Coated in delicate cushion body material, the 4D-adjustable armrests offer various adjustment options to position your arms depending on your preferred angles. You can move your armrests up, down, left, right, clockwise or anti-clockwise to find the right position for meditating or battling the dark forces.

Memory Foam Lumbar And Neck Pillows

The Maxx Doctor Strange Edition comes with memory foam lumbar and neck pillows that enhance the chair’s mystic comfort. The soft, plush-like memory foam combined with the luxurious velour fabric offers long hours of otherworldly support which soothes exhaustion or backaches.

Heavy Duty Class 4 SGS-Certified Hydraulics

Durable class 4 SGS-certified hydraulics are the best hydraulics for supporting your duties as Master of the Mystic Arts. These hydraulics allow you to rotate and adjust your chair height easily. The Maxx Doctor Strange Edition also has a 4cm lower shaft which creates a more balanced center of gravity for increased stability. The hydraulics' durable aluminium body offers a protective shield against most forms of damage.

Robust Aluminium Alloy Wheels

The chair’s wheelbase is made from ultra-strong aluminium alloy which is the same material used in automotive and aerospace components. It is ultra-strong, allowing the chair to take on much more weight than any other wheelbase and is resistant to rust or corrosion.

65MM XL Locking Casters

Compared to normal castors, the 65mm extra-large locking casters provide more stability so you can meditate with peace of mind. The ultra-smooth 360-degree rotation allows the chair to float effortlessly across most flooring surfaces. Take a stand against those who would threaten the realm of the living with the casters’ simple “push-down” mechanism that anchors your chair in place.