Experience Evolved Stylish Comfort With The TTRacing Surge X

Experience a new brand of style and comfort for your personal setup with the new TTRacing Surge X model. The chair features a new sleek backrest with upgraded lumbar and neck pillows, as well as a more sturdy wheelbase, so you may accomplish what you want in comfort.

The backrest is built with a sleek, curved shape that makes the user stand out among the rest while also holding the user’s body in the correct seating posture. The neck and lumbar pillows are upgraded to provide your natural curves with better support. The pillows are filled with memory foam and dressed in soft velour fabric for world-class support.
The Surge X has adjustable ergonomic features such as a 165-degree main recliner with multiple reclining angles to accommodate a variety of activities. After a long and busy day, you can lie down and relax with the backrest fully reclined. It also boasts 4D-adjustable armrests that let you position your arms comfortably by adjusting them up, down, left, right, inclined clockwise, or angled anti-clockwise.

These excellent comfort features are combined with a lower 4cm hydraulic shaft and wider wheelbase that makes the chair more stable, providing you with peace of mind during long work or gaming sessions. The locking casters have a simple “push-down” mechanism that holds the chair in place.

The Surge X comes in smooth carbon fiber PU variants or soft, cloud-like Air Threads Fabric variants that offer unique comfort experiences for the user.
Take a seat and enter into the future of stylish comfort with the TTRacing Surge X today. You can order it at TTRacing’s official website or our affiliate stores at Lazada or Shopee.