Enhance Your Armor With The TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad - Iron Man Edition

Complete your battle armor with the all-new TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad - Iron Man Edition. This high-tech floorpad has an awesome design based on Iron Man's armor from Marvel Comics that will upgrade your personal battle station or office while also allowing fans of the Armored Avenger to show their support.
The Iron Man Edition floorpad, made of velour polyester fabric, provides long hours of plush-like support, giving you the advantage to take on your business rivals or world-conquering enemies. The fabric is also waterproof, protecting your battle station from spills while also being easy to clean so you can use it frequently.
The floorpad is as durable as Iron Man's armour, protecting it from everyday wear and tear. It also adds a tough layer of protection against scratches and wear and tear to your chair casters and floor.
Enhanced with silicone, the floorpad has noise-dampening properties that make moving your chair quieter so that it doesn’t disturb your virtual meetings or heroic team-ups.
Upgrade your setup with the TTRacing Guardian Gaming Floorpad - Iron Man Edition. Available at TTRacing’s official store or at our online flagship stores at Lazada or Shopee today.